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These Cisco 400-251 exam dumps are authentic and help you understand topics of designing, implementing, operating, and troubleshooting complex Cisco security technologies and solutions.

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Question No. 1

Which protocol does ISE use to secure a connection through the Cisco IronPort tunne infrastructure?

Answer: D

Question No. 2

Which of the following is one of the requirements for the FTD high availability setup?

Answer: A

Question No. 3

Which description of the AES encryption algorithm is true?

Answer: F

Question No. 4

Which two statements about MACsec are true? (Choose two)

Answer: B, C

Question No. 5

How is the Cisco IronPort email data loss prevention licensed?

Answer: E

Question No. 6

Which of the following Cisco products gives ability to interact with malware for its behavior analysis?

Answer: E

Question No. 7

Which statement about the TLS security protocol is true?

Answer: E

Question No. 8

Which of these command sequences will send an email to [email protected] using SMTP?

Answer: B

Question No. 9


Refer to the exhibit, what is the effect of the given service policy

Answer: D

Question No. 10

In FMC, which two elements can the correlation rule be based on ? (Choose two)

Answer: A, F

Question No. 11

What would describe Cisco Virtual Topology System?

Answer: D

Question No. 12

Refer to the exhibit.

It has been reported that IP Phone is not able to establish connectivity after performing port authentication. Which possible issues is the reason?

Answer: D

Question No. 13

Which attribute cannot be used in Mobile Device Management (MDM) Authorization policy?

Answer: C

Question No. 14

ISE can be integrated with an MDM to ensure that only registered devices are allowed on the network, and use the MDM to push policies to the device. Devices can go in and out of compliance either due to policy changes on the MDM server, or another reason. Consider a device that has already authenticated on the network, and stays connected, but fails out of compliance. Which action can you take to ensure that a noncompliant device is checked periodically and re-assessed before allowing access to the network?

Answer: E

Question No. 15

What Is the main benefit perimeter firewall the IPS behind the perimeter firewall Instead of in front of the perimeter firewall?

Answer: B

Question No. 16

Which statement is true about Remote Triggered Black Hole Filtering feature (RTBH)?

Answer: B

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