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Latest HPE2-K42 Dumps Exam Questions and Answers:

Question: 36

An HPE Synergy Frame contains two HPE D3940 Storage Modules in bays 1-4 and eight HPE Synergy 480 Compute Modules in bays 5-12.
Which interconnect modules must the architect plan to connect the compute modules to the storage modules?

A. HPE 12 Gb SAS Connection Modules
B. Brocade 16Gb/12FC Switch Module
C. HPE VC SE 40Gb F8 Modules
D. Brocade 16Gb/24 FC Switch Module

Answer: A

Question: 37

A customer needs to combine as many HPE Synergy frames as possible using master and satellite modules.
Which question should the architect ask the customer to help determine the maximum number of supported frames per fabric?

A. Do compute modules require 20GbE connectivity or 10GbE connectivity?
B. Does the solution require the redundancy of multi-chassis link aggregation?
C. Does the customer prefer a composable fabric option or a traditional switch option?
D. How many frames will be connected in a management ring?

Answer: A

Question: 38

How does Watson/Sales Builder for Windows help architects to create HPE Synergy proposals more easily?

A. It links architects to up-to-date information on price quotes and potential discounts
B. It automatically generates a proposal with key selling points for the selected compute, storage, and interconnect modules.
C. It includes demonstration videos that guide architects through selecting the correct options for particular customer needs.
D. It provides Starting Point configurations with some pre-defined options for one-, two-, or three-frame configurations

Answer: D

Question: 39

The compute modules in the Synergy Frame should use a single mezzanine card for both their storage and network traffic. The cards connect to an HPE VC SE 40Gb F8 Module for the interconnect module. The customer needs these uplinks on the interconnect module:
• two 40GbE links to the data center core
• two 8Gbps Fibre Channel links to a SAN switch
What does the interconnect module require to support the desired uplinks?

A. an Interconnect Link to a VC SE 16Gb FC Module
B. a cluster link to a VC SE 16Gb FC Module
C. a Fibre Channel adapter for downlinks to the compute modules
D. a Fibre Channel license

Answer: D

Question: 40

How does a composable infrastructure handle the deployment of workloads?

A. A composable infrastructure deploys all workloads in containers and eliminates physical workloads to better support cloud computing
B. A composable infrastructure requires servers to be virtualized and set up as Docker hosts before they can receive workloads
C. A composable infrastructure supports software-defined deployment for physical, virtual, and containerized workloads.
D. A composable infrastructure converts all workloads to virtual workloads, enabling 100 percent data center virtualization

Answer: C

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