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Question: 26

A customer needs to create a cloud solution that uses Docker containers How does the customer benefit from building the cloud using HPE Synergy?

A. The HPE Synergy composable fabric modules provide the 20 Gbps speeds for converged storage traffic that are required for deploying Docker containers in the cloud
B. The HPE Composable Infrastructure API and Docker-Machine driver for HPE OneMew allow IT to provision bare metal Synergy compute modules with Docker hosts in a few simple steps
C. The HPE Synergy Image Streamer seamlessly deploys Docker containers to Synergy storage modules using template-based policies and secure access controls.
D. The HPE Synergy Composer replaces proprietary Docker with an open source solution for deploying workloads in the cloud, protecting the customer from vendor locking

Answer: B

Question: 27

An architect is planning a Synergy Frame that contains HPE D3940 Storage Modules and HPE compute modules.
How can the architect map compute modules to drives in the storage modules?

A. A compute module is always mapped to a storage module as a whole (installed anywhere in the frame), supporting a maximum of 40 drives.
B. A compute module can be mapped to up to four drives on a storage module: the valid drives for the compute module are based on the compute module’s bay number.
C. A compute module can be mapped to any drive not mapped to another module, up to 200 drives. These drives can be on any storage module in the frame
D. Compute modules in bays 1-6 can only be mapped to drives on Storage Modules in bays 1-6. and the same is true for modules in bays 7-12.

Answer: C

Question: 28

What is one way that HPE Synergy Composer simplifies setup for Synergy solutions?

A. Composer connects to satellite modules in order to combine multiple Synergy frames into one logical fabric.
B. Composer stores operating systems, which it can install on bare metal servers automatically over a provisioning network
C. Composer supports IP address pools, automatically assigning IP addresses from the
appropriate pool to resources.
D. Composer provides a Marketplace Portal, from which users can order services to install on Synergy compute modules.

Answer: C

Question: 29

What is one way that HPE Synergy helps customers to transform their IT services?

A. It provides compute modules that are prepopulated in the planning tool for easy integration in to a customers environment
B. Synergy Composer modules help to establish more robust separations of storage, compute, and network connectivity.
C. It creates a composable infrastructure that helps deploy hardware as easily as virtual machines
D. Synergy 480 Gen9 Compute Modules are purpose-built to support RAS features using EX technology from Intel

Answer: C

Question: 30

A customer requires a P542D controller for its compute module
On which basis does the architect determine whether to include a SAS cable in the proposal?

A. whether or not the controller connects to storage modules in other frames
B. whether the controller connects to HDDs or SSDs
C. whether the controller connects to local drive bays or only to D3940 Storage Modules
D. whether or not the controller includes a megacell battery

Answer: D

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