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Version: 8.0
Question: 21

An order has been created with three payment methods: Credit Card 1. Credit Card 2 and Cheque. The order Payment Status is in “Await Authorization’. The charge sequence for the seller is specified as follows:
• 1 for OTHER
The payment methods use the following charge sequence:
Charge Sequence for Credit Card 1 is “2”
Charge Sequence for Credit Card 2 is “1”
Charge Sequence for Cheque is ‘1″
In which sequence will the running request Collection agent create the authorization requests?

A. 1. Cheque
2. CreditCard2
3. CreditCard1
B. 1. CreditCard2
2. CreditCard1
3. Cheque
C. 1. CreditCard1
2. CreditCard2
3. Cheque
D. 1. CreditCard2
2. Cheque
3. CreditCard1

Answer: B

Question: 22

A retailer has a requirement to group certain regular items together to form a parent item. The inventory is maintained only at the parent item level and not for the components. The parent item will be sold as an individual item, with all the components.
How should the implementation professional configure the item type to support the retailer’s requirement?

A. Logical Kit
B. Dynamic Physical Kit
C Physical Kit
D. Bundle Items

Answer: C

Question: 23

An online retailer implements IBM Sterling Sensitive Data Capture Server (SSDCS) with IBM Sterling Order Management (OMS) to tokenize customer credit card information to conform to the PCI PA-DSS strategy.
Which statement about the order capture process is INCORRECT?

A. The customer submits the order with token to OMS for further processing.
B. SSDCS calls the corporate credit card vault with the customer’s Primary Account Number (PAN) and returns the resulting token to the order capture browser screen.
C. SSDCS sends the customer’s Primary Account Number (PAN) and a security token to OMS to ensure that the tokenization request is valid
D. The customer enters Primary Account Number (PAN) on the order capture browser screen that is sent to SSDCS for tokenization.

Answer: A

Question: 24

In an IBM Sterling Order Management deployment, the LDAP authentication will be implemented as a web service call against the Employee Active Directory. Which is a valid property for this LDAP implementation?

A. yfs.yfs security Idap user
C. yfs.ldap.authenticator

Answer: D

Question: 25

In a production environment, agent server JVM has crashed due to an out of a memory error on the agent machine. Agent server JVM is configured to run with 5 threads. At the time of the crash, 5 different records are being processed by the agent server JVM and 1707 more records are present in the non-persistent JMS queue to be processed Agent server JVM is re-started after increasing the memory.
Which statement is true?

A. Agent will start processing the 5+1707 records; agent re-trigger is not required
B. Agent will start processing the 5+1707 records; agent re-trigger is required
C. Agent will start processing the remaining 1707 records; agent re-trigger is not required
D. Agent will start processing the remaining 1707 records; agent re-trigger is required

Answer: A

Question: 26

An implementation professional runs a test of a web service in an IBM Sterling Order Management solution deployed in IBM WebSphere Application Server. The web service crashes with no error details nor relevant information in the log files. The implement needs to re-run the test modifying the log level to obtain more details and fix this issue. How can the log level be modified without restarting the application?

A. Change the log level for the service in the Application Management Console
B. Update the Trace Components List available on the System Management Console under Tools > Trace components
C. Invoke the modifyLogLevel API with the server name and log level required in the API Tester
D. Set the log4j.config.xml properties file to change the log level to VERBOSE for this specific component

Answer: D

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