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Version: 7.0
Question: 1

A prospect at a small environmental research company is working with a single dataset of
environmental measurements and wants to test a hypothesis. They have previous
experience with IBM SPSS Statistics and are also interested in doing Monte Carlo simu-
lation. Which statement indicates that IBM SPSS Statistics is the best fit?

A. They are only working with one data source.
B. They are working with environmental data.
C. The company is small.
D. The prospect is looking to test a hypothesis.

Answer : D

Question: 2

A college Economics Professor is working with several data sources to publish a paper on
the impact of tax fraud on the economy as a whole. Why would they want to use IBM SPSS
Statistics for the analysis?

A. IBM SPSS Statistics has custom modules which can be used to analyze economic data.
B. She would be able analyze data and create charts and graphs that can be exported for use in the paper.
C. Users are required to learn a programming language in order to use IBM SPSS Statistics.
D. IBM SPSS Statistics could be used for identity resolution.

Answer : B

Question: 3

New Updated M2090-733 Exam Questions M2090-733 PDF dumps M2090-733 practice exam dumps: (41 Questions)

A prospect who is a data scientist by profession is looking for a solution to send statistical analysis reports, which can be easily accessed via a smart device, to his manager. Which statement is true about IBM SPSS Statistics?

A. IBM SPSS Statistics does not support reports to be accessed via smart devices.
B. IBM SPSS Statistics supports Android devices only.
C. IBM SPSS Statistics supports Apple iOS and Android devices only.
D. IBM SPSS Statistics supports Apple iOS, Android, and Windows phones and tablets.

Answer: D


Question: 4

A prospect is currently using spreadsheets to store all of their data and for their analysis. Why might they want to add IBM SPSS Statistics?

A. In IBM SPSS Statistics it is impossible to have missing data and the programming required is easy to learn.
B. While errors are easy to identify in spreadsheets, the ability to share results with others is limited.
C. IBM SPSS Statistics does not modify the data during analysis and results can be exported to Excel.
D. Up to 75% of all spreadsheets have been found to contain at least one error.

Answer: C

Question: 5

You have a customer call with a consulting firm. During the call the customer references that the firm has a formal partnership with a University and students at the University do the research for the firm using IBM SPSS Statistics. Which is true regarding the terms of use of IBM SPSS Statistics?

A. As long as there is a legal relationship between the firm and the University there is no license violation.
B. The firm needs a commercial license for any research they conduct.
C. All students, irrespective of how the software is being used, need an Academic License.
D. The firm is not allowed to contract research services through students or a University.

Answer: A

Question: 6

A prospect has limited time and has been tasked with reporting on the results from a customer survey. Which question will most help to identify the best IBM SPSS Statistics solution to recommend?

A. Will you need to provide tabular output?
B. What operating system are you using?
C. Do you currently own IBM SPSS Text Analytics for Surveys?
D. Will the output need to be distributed via a .pdf document?

Answer: D