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Version: 7.0
Question: 1

Which of the following is true of the WAS Liberty profile?

A. It loads only what is needed for the application, resulting in the smallest runtime memory footprint and fastest startup time.
B. It is supplied with the WAS Liberty Core edition only.
C. It does not support JMS (Java Messaging Service).
D. Applications using the Liberty profile cannot be deployed into production onto WAS systems which support the full profile.
E. All of the above.

Answer: D

Reference: 213-446

Question: 2

Which WebSphere Application Server edition is positioned to compete most directly with the Apache Tomcat application server?

A. WebSphere Application Server Liberty Core
B. WebSphere Application Server Base
C. WebSphere Application Server Network Deployment
D. None of the above

Answer: C
Reference: 213-446

Question: 3

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Which of the following is a reason why customers want WebSphere Application Server?

A. To provide high performance for Java applications at the lowest possible cost with Version 8.5 or later releases of either WAS ND or WAS for z
B.To support developers who want to take advantage of the latest Java programming models without any cost for unit testing on their desktops
C.To quickly enable web based applications for mobile devices
D.To deliver SOA-enabled applications that leverage service reuse
E.All of the above

Answer: A


Question: 4

Which capability is NOT offered by WebSphere Application Server?

A. Support for running Java programs
B.Support for developing native mobile applications
C.Support for enhanced transactional integrity for Java applications
D.Support for Java application workload management
E.Support for Java Messaging Services (JMS)

Answer: E


Question: 5

A new IBM customer is developing an enterprise application that requires Java web services and Java Messaging Services (JMS). They need to provide the lowest cost solution and the application server should be as lightweight as possible. Which WebSphere Application Server edition would you recommend to meet their requirements?

A. WAS Liberty profile
B.WAS Liberty Core
C.WAS (Base)
D.WAS Network Deployment
E.None of the above

Answer: D

Question: 6

Which of the following correctly characterizes the Communications Enabled Application (CEA) capabilities support available in the WebSphere Application Server full profile?

A. Requires just one additional line of code for an application to enable CEA functionality
B.Provides capabilities equivalent to those in the WebRTC (Real Time Communication) standard
C.Provides capabilities to enable personalized remote assistance services for web applications, and can be used by call center staff with customers
D.Provides capabilities for video conferencing in the web browser session
E.Provides capabilities for remote takeover of a user’s web browser sessions

Answer: E