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Vendor CheckPoint
Exam Code 156-915.80
Full Exam Name Check Point Certified Security Expert Update – R80
Certification Name Check Point Certified Security Expert
Technology Security Administration

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Version: 7.0
Question: 1

What is the port used for SmartConsole to connect to the Security Management Server:

A. CPMI port 18191/TCP
B. CPM port / TCP port 19009
C. SIC port 18191/TCP
D. https port 4434/TCP

Answer: A

Question: 2

Which is the correct order of a log flow processed by SmartEvents components:

A. Firewall > Correlation Unit > Log Server > SmartEvent Server Database > SmartEvent Client
B. Firewall > SmartEvent Server Database > Correlation unit > Log Server > SmartEvent Client
C. Firewall > Log Server > SmartEvent Server Database > Correlation Unit > SmartEvent Client
D. Firewall > Log Server > Correlation Unit > SmartEvent Server Database > SmartEvent Client

Answer: D

Question: 3

In SmartEvent, what are the different types of automatic reactions that the administrator can

A. Mail, Block Source, Block Event Activity, External Script, SNMP Trap
B. Mail, Block Source, Block Destination, Block Services, SNMP Trap
C. Mail, Block Source, Block Destination, External Script, SNMP Trap
D. Mail, Block Source, Block Event Activity, Packet Capture, SNMP Trap

Answer: A

Question: 4

Which components allow you to reset a VPN tunnel?

A. vpn tu command or SmartView monitor
B. delete vpn ike sa or vpn she11 command
C. vpn tunnelutil or delete vpn ike sa command
D. SmartView monitor only

Answer: D

Question: 5

When synchronizing clusters, which of the following statements is FALSE?

A. The state of connections using resources is maintained in a Security Server, so their connections
cannot be synchronized.
B. Only cluster members running on the same OS platform can be synchronized.
C. In the case of a failover, accounting information on the failed member may be lost despite a
properly working synchronization.
D. Client Authentication or Session Authentication connections through a cluster member will be lost
if the cluster member fails.

Answer: D

Question: 6

Which of the following is a new R80.10 Gateway feature that had not been available in R77.X and

A. The rule base can be built of layers, each containing a set of the security rules. Layers are
inspected in the order in which they are defined, allowing control over the rule base flow and which
security functionalities take precedence.
B. Limits the upload and download throughout for streaming media in the company to 1 Gbps.
C. Time object to a rule to make the rule active only during specified times.
D. Sub Policies are sets of rules that can be created and attached to specific rules. If the rule is
matched, inspection will continue in the sub policy attached to it rather than in the next rule

Answer: A

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